Landsmennt is an educational and training fund, established by The Confedaration of Icelandic
Employers (SA) and trade unions in rural areas within The Federation of Generla and Special Workers (SGS)

Further information at the website, www.landsmennt.is, you can get information regarding the fund.
The uninon provides members with details of funding individual grants.

How to apply for a grant?
Individuals apply for grants via an application from the appropriate union who will then process the
application on behalf of Landsmennt.

The value of grants:
Payment is up to 130.000 kr. per year, based on the calendar year. Payment never exceeds 80% of study
Landsmennt awards individual grants for leisure/recreational courses and reimbursement for these can be
for 80% of the cost but never more than 130.000 kr. per year which is also subtracted from the indivitual ‘s
total annual amount of 130.000 kr.
Landsmennt awards individual grants for travel and accommodation cost because of courses that require
travelling long distance. When this kind of grant is given it’s subtracted from the total annual amount of
130.000 kr.

Increased study grant
Members who have not used their rights over the past three years are entitled to a grant of up to 390.000
kr. for one continuous study course according to the rules of the fund.

Rules for awarding grants to indivituals:

  1. A member who has worked full-time for at least 6 of the past 24 months and paid into a
    Landsmennt traid union over this period is entitled to support for a vocational training grant. This
    is paid proportionately for part-time workers.
  2. The amount to be paid depends on paid membership fees for the preceding 12 months. Fees from
    minimum salary in a 100% job capacity or more amount to a full grant allowance.
  3. An application form must be filled out and submitted along with invoices. An application needs to
    come through the respective trade union within 12 months from the invoice date.
  4. The entitlements of a member within Landsmennt, Ríkismennt, Sveitamennt, Sjómennt,
    Starfsmennt (VR) and/or Starfsafl remain the same regardless of a transfer between associated
    trade unions.
  5. A member who has been out of the workforce for a period whereby s/he does not have to pay
    social security tax, maintains for up to 24 months their entitlement to a vocational training grant
    which s/he has earned with the fund. When 24 months have passed since s/he has left work, these
    entitlements are lost completely.
  6. Parents on maternity, paternity or parental leave can use their entitlements under paragraph 1 if
    they choose to pay union fees while on leave.
  7. Unemployed members maintain the same entitlements as when they stopped work if they choose
    to pay union fees from their unemployment benefits.
  8. A member who stops working and stops paying union fees into a Landsmennt trade union
    maintains entitlements to a vocational training grant which s/he has earned with the fund for 3
    months, after that time s/he entitlements are lost completely.